DPF cleaner
DPF cleaner
DPF cleaner
Engine Decarbonization and Diesel Particle Filter (DPF) Cleaning Services
Engine Decarbonization and Diesel Particle Filter (DPF) Cleaning Services
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Ecological engine cleaning for any combustion engine

We specialise in ecological engine cleaning for any combustion engine. Because we only use water to create hydrogen gas to decarbonize your engine and exhaust, our system is eco-friendly. There are no harmful chemicals used or released to the environment.

In fact we help you to contribute to a cleaner environment by cleaning all the nasty carbons collected in vehicle engines and exhausts over the years.

Our Decarbonizing and Particle Filter (DPF) cleaning machines will reduce smoke emissions and improve overall engine performance without having to replace expensive parts.

OxyHydro was set up to help millions of motorist suffering from numerous catalytic converter and particle filter problems, MOT failures due to poor emissions, poor fuel consumption, and all types of engine performance issues because of carbon build up.

Car check
Car check
  • Having problems with poor fuel consumption?

  • Having problems with poor smoke emission levels from your vehicle?

  • Having problems with engine performance?

  • Would you like to improve all these and save money?

How it Works

Your vehicle should be decarbonized at least twice a year to preserve the engine life, avoid costly repairs, improve fuel consumption, and most importantly reduce polluting emissions.

If any of these warning lights appear, you should get your vehicle checked out immediately. Putting it through an OxyHydro decarb treatment might help to avoid replacing expensive engine parts.

DFF warning signals

Our treatment will clean all components of your engine:

Engine components

Cleaning results:

Cleaning results 1

Cleaning results 2

Engine Decarbonization

Maxi Plus decarbonization machine
Decarbonization process
Eco friendly


Decarbonization Mobile Service

Decarbonization mobile service

We also offer a mobile service for decarbonization of your engine at your home, work place or roadside. For on vehicle carbon cleaning, our charges as follows (subject to change):


  • Motor Bikes: £50 + VAT
  • Cars and Vans:  £100 + VAT for a 30 minute mild intake clean, £160 + VAT for a 60 minute full intake clean
  • Tractors:  £225 +VAT
  • Trucks, Buses, HGVs:  £250 + VAT
  • Generators and Plant Machinery:  £250 + VAT
  • Marine Engines:  £250 + VAT
  • Diagnostics for problems on EGR, DPF, and other issues is £55 + VAT

DPF Cleaning

For more badly clogged up DPF, we offer an off the vehicle cleaning at our workshop. All you have to do is get the DPF removed, remove all the sensors and send us the DPF by courier, post or bring it in person to our DPF cleaning workshop in Redhill.

Full DPF Clean:  from £150 + VAT

Above excludes any postage or carriage to return the DPF post cleaning.

Contact Us

OxyHydro Decarbonizer & DPF Cleaning Center,
26 Oakdene Road,
Redhill, Surrey,

Email: info@oxyhydro.co.uk

Phone: 01737 768457 or 07825 586892 or 07985 276801

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Oxy Hydro will carry out a quick health check and a full fault code scan to ensure your vehicle engine is in good state for decarbonizing.

We take extreme car when working on your vehicle, however, there are fire risk among others, which is beyond our control.

What we offer is a treatment to help break down carbon build-up in your vehicle, but the effectiveness of this treatment can be limited due to various factors including but not limited to the following:

(a) Unknown fault codes
(b) Poor vehicle maintenance
(c) Timing belt problems or newly replaced timing belts
(d) Undeclared or previously deleted fault codes
(e) Irregular service maintenance
(f) Your driving style
(g) Poor DPF and/or exhaust system
(h) Engine management light or other warning lights illuminated
(i) Oil leaks or low oil levels

We accept no responsibility for any mechanical, electrical or any other failures or damage during or after our cleaning process. All cleaning is carried out at your own risk.

By appointing us to carry out an engine clean, you confirm you agree to these terms and conditions.